Wish Website Reviews Australia

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Wish Website Reviews Australia

I have been reasonably satisfied with Wish. I have bought numerous items and they all arrived quickly before or on time. I bought a watch but the delivered item was not as advertised. I contacted Wish and received a full refund for the product including delivery.

I have a couple of ok items, while not great quality, I’m quite happy with them. Customer support is very poor and robotic in app. Doesn’t have questions related to the issues. I will never buy anything from Wish again, and I have uninstalled the app.
Do you agree with Wish’s 4-star rating? Check out … www.wish.com. Asking for reviews … Reviews 43,371. Write a review … Read 1 more review about Wish.
Have googled a bit to try and find reviews but cant find anything i can trust. … So was Just wondering if anyone has bought something from wish … Bought an aerated shower head but did not connect to Australian plumbing.

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