Usps Inbound Into Customs Ny

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Usps Inbound Into Customs Ny

New York International Service Center – Inbound International Mail …. I have a package showing Inbound into Customs from the ISC NY since .
My perfectly boring package from Sweden has been listed as “Inbound Into Customs” since September 4. How can I find out what the problem .

What does inbound to custom in the usps office mean? It means it’s entering the United States from its origin country and the customs office will make sure it’s documentation and contents are acceptable to enter the us.
My ePackets are always processed through ISC NEW YORK NY as well then … The tracking shows that step but next is inbound to customs :(.
It has arrived in New York, and USPS tracking indicates that on Feb 3 it was … On Feb 4 the status was listed as “Inbound into Customs”. That is .
ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS)” and then they went to a ” Arrived at USPS Facility” in Jamiaica. i have never seen anthing about customs before.

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