Optimum Cable Box Cuc Code

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Optimum Cable Box Cuc Code

Yes True Just had the same problem..thinks for the tip..strange that they didn`t know this. source: What does error code oms-033 mean for optimum cable box?
For those interested, below are the box codes. CUC —> dAL —> Clock (actual time) —> ERR —> B240 —> P120 TV Messages: Please wait .
Check signal cable problem while connecting to pc via vga cable? Optimum digital cable box code cuc. My cable co. gives me a scientific atlanta 4250 hdc cable .
Optimum cable phone number, Optimum contact, Optimum customer service, … Cable box error code: OMS-032. error code 23; Optimum Cable error CUC.

My cable box keeps showing me boot 6210. … Eric Kyu to Optimum … to normal i had to keep the power off my cable box ( samsung ) in order to get it to turn on.
Cablevision is a cable television, Internet and phone service provider. When you obtain cable services through Cablevision, you will be given a Scientific Atlanta.
The digital boxes are long, rectangular and are attached directly to the cable coming from your wall … Due to a number of factors, including general technical glitches, you may need to reboot your digital Cablevision box. … (Error Code: 100013).
The cablebox is a Samsung SMT-C5320 which is the latest model Cablevision/ Altice/Optimum uses. I already had PC Richards come out and .

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