Official Money Chip 052515 Green

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Official Money Chip 052515 Green

poker chip available in a variety of colors and cash values, our Official Money Chip … $25,000 green, $10,000 black and $5,000 red – the Official Money Chip .
Also it says “Official Money Chip.” Is it worth anything? … Its very very rare to have a 25,000 dollar chip in play in any casino. I’ve only seen … And save for being black, it’s the same chip, even down to the serial number, 052515. I live in … also it wouldn’t be green because green is known as the $25 chip.
The way to identify the authentic poker casino chips is to understand and … I have a poker chip green with white squares squares on the edges a crown with the words official money chip $25,000 I need to know if its real or not.
Official Money Chip poker chip $25,000 – Black – SN#: 052515 · Official Money Chip poker chip … RARE Official Money Chip- Ten Thousand Dollar…… $10,000 S.
I am interested in purchasing your official money chip serial number 052515 for the sum of $5000 American dollars (plus $5 shipping), which I .

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