Mazda3 Wont Start After Fillup

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Mazda3 Wont Start After Fillup

What happens, is the purge solenoid stays stuck open, when you fill the gas/fuel tank, the vapors go right inside to the inake manifold/engine and it becomes too rich/too much fuel to start,(Basically flooded kinda). Purge solenoid is very common, can turn on the engine light for lean at idle as well.

If I fill up at the start of a trip, so that the car hasn’t been running long, … it has no trouble starting, nor does it stutter like it does when I fill it up.
I have a 2007 Mazda 6. … Now, when I refuel the car, the car won’t start, I have to pump the gas to … Mazda 6
Starting a couple of weeks ago every time I fillup, when I try to start my car it won’t start, but it is turning over. This has happened on 3 of 3 fillups.
If the vacuum reading does not hold, replace the purge solenoid valve. … Refer to page 01-16-14 Airflow Inspection of 2004 Mazda3 Workshop …
Also, it doesn’t ever have any issues starting everyday, just filling up. … air entering the engine which makes the car hard to start after filling up …
When you fill your gas tank, a lot of fumes build up in the fuel tank and … You can help your car start by holding the throttle wide open to get …
if your car will not start after filling up with gas this should help. … Why is your car or truck hard to start or …
I do 3 clicks: 1 when it cuts off from filling; then two more squeezes of the trigger to cutoff. … Just cannot top off with those sensitive gasoline nozzles. … to add another gallon or two into the tank, raising your fill up bill to $30?
Any Mazda 3 experts who can give me some input? … would sometimes take a 2nd turn, after that it would sometimes crank in 3, … warming up the earth 1 gas fill-up at a time. … Next time it doesnt start, try starting it in Neutral.
Avondale Mazda is a Mazda dealership located near Avondale Arizona. … still travel anywhere from 30 to 50 miles before you need to fill up!
There’s a lot to learn when you buy a new vehicle. … If your gas cap still won’t open, you’ll want to bring your Mazda vehicle into a licensed …
My starting problems only happens after I fill the tank with gas. … We are having the same issue when we fill up with gas only then it runs fine.
I have a 2008 Mazda 3 and a 2017 CX-5. I live in the SF … Gas smell after fill up
As soon as I go to fill up the pu,p just keeps on clicking every few seconds. … I can get some fuel in teh car but it takes forever and if im not careful it will start coming back out. No check engine light has come on, and this is something that … I dont know if that was like that when I bought the car, or if I did it …

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