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Irs Form 3531 Address Change of Address (Form 8822); Multiple …… If second correspondence is required, remove original Form 3531.
Are you sure there is no address on the 3531? Did the 3531 that the taxpayer received have the original return attached to it?
process it, they often send Form 3531 or Letter 143C with their requests for action. … The IRS uses these forms to propose changes to your return when their … The IRS only is required to send notices to your “last-known address”, which is .
If you send it back to incorrect address, it’d take longer you resubmitt the signed return to the IRS, your refund will be processed aslongas you are subject to refund. You need to retain a copy of 3531 and resubmit it to the IRS ASAP.there is no penalty in resubmitting 3531 .
The return address on the mailing said Submission Processing … Received Form 3531 (Forgot signature) – where do I send the tax return back to? … tax return back to, or do I send it back to the normal IRS filing address?
The letter/Form does not have a RETURN ADDRESS anywhere on it. … I would like to know the correct IRS address FOR 2016 FORM 3531.

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