How Many Quarts Of Oil In A 2008 5.7 Liter Hemi

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How Many Quarts Of Oil In A 2008 5.7 Liter Hemi

Registered. I just changed my oil for the first time in my 5.7, the manual said 6 quarts, but when I checked it ,it is low.

Yes, the 2012 and up 5.7 HEMI takes 7 quarts of oil … bucket, that way you know how many litres corresponds to what level on the dipstick.
2008 Ram Fluid Capacities. 09/01/2007. Fuel (1). Liters. Gallons. Front Axle + 0.3 L (1 oz). Liters … 4.00. 135.00. Engine Oil. Liters. Quarts. 302RBI. 6.60. 223.00. 3.7L Magnum V6. 4.70. 5.00 … G56 6-Speed Manual 5.7L V8. 4.70. 10.00.
I’m changing my oil soon and would like to know. Also is 5w-20 the recommended weight.. thanks.
When changing the oil on the 5.7L, how much oil is actually required … 3.6L, saying the capacity is 6 quarts and so the dealer added exactly 6 …
How much oil can you drained from the 5.7L hemi engine? I’m worried about leaving a full quart of dirty oil in the engine. irelandshemi’s Avatar …

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