Hair Dye In Eye Blurry Vision

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Hair Dye In Eye Blurry Vision

Even when hair dyes are used correctly, they can cause toxicity. … Eye exposure can cause a range of toxicities from mild irritation to loss of vision. Unintentional swallowing can cause irritation or injury to the mouth and stomach as well as life-threatening allergic reactions.

It is painful that i get hair dye in my eyes by careless. … a significant eye irritation or significantly blurry vision despite this, I would recommend seeing your eye …
yea ive asked this many times and i wanna get various answers.. i used garnier 100% color.. and yea some of the hair that has dye in it poked …
If so, were they in your eye at the time? … chemical you got in your eye a bleaching agent or the coloring agent? … How blurry is your vision?
My eye went through some horrible stages which I thought would end in being blind in that eye. My vision changed, not seeing double or blurry …
You’ll likely not go permanently blind if you splash some hair color in your eye, but you might have to wait … an eye and winds up with a worse outcome than simply having “Sex Kitten Blonde” eyes for a week. … Blurred vision.

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