Cuc Message On Cable Box

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Cuc Message On Cable Box

The box when turned off says CUC or turn on. … Private messages and other services are unsafe as they cannot be monitored. … the time) but it doesn’t show up on the tv even though it the hdmi cable is in the hdmi port.
For the past week my cable box has had a yellow light next to data. Google searches said it means I have a message waiting. I’ve checked .
Had a DVR box go out on us, went to pick a new one up and grabbed a … the only one that comes in without that error message is channel 1.

I have a Samsung UN60JU6400 60-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV, everything works on it except my cablebox. Whatever HDMI Port my .
Then when I went to turn on MNF tonight, box said no signal. … Missing #RAW right now because @optimum has decided to not let my SECOND cable box work randomly. …. br000; br001; c320; ca007; cma 001; cuc; d113; h220; ise 500; ise 502; ise 800; m4230; oms-033; p-18; s0a00
My TV says, “No signal input. … Every time I plug in my HDMI cable, my TV says, unsupported signal. … How do I solve a low signal problem in my cable TV set-top box?
or those interested, below are the box codes. CUC —> dAL —> Clock (actual time) —> ERR —> B240 —> P120 TV Messages: Please wait ..

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