Best 65 Inch TV Under 800 Bucks for You

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When it comes to televisions with big screens, the price may worry some people. In the market, it is a common knowledge that the bigger the screen, the more you (have to) pay.

This is why the idea of finding the best 65 inch TV under 800 bucks might sound crazy.

In some cases..

..people decide to give up some of the latest technology in the name of saving more money 🙁

By pushing aside the thought of having 4K Ultra HD or HDR, they end up with conventional televisions. Of course, it is okay if that is what they really want.

List of Best 65 Inch TV Under 800 in 2019


If you do your research right, you might beat the odds. There are indeed some televisions of that category.

To get the best 65 inch TV that will not cost you a fortune, here are the top three (3) you might consider. (They still have great technology too.)

3. Samsung Electronics 4K Smart LED TV

4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

The first thing you will notice about this 65 inch TV is its wide-screen. With a stylish, slim design, this television will not take up so much space at home. Also, with just $787.02 when you purchase online, here are the five (5) features that you can enjoy:

  • Purcolor

Unlike conventional TVs, you get to enjoy vibrant colors with this feature.

  • HDR10+.

As a smart LED TV, you get to experience a stunning, high-dynamic range of content with picture quality adjusted per scene.

  • Motion Rate 120.

Whether watching an action film or a rock concert, Motion Rate 120 will make every fast-moving scene run smoothly.

  • Full HD.

The 4K means getting the picture resolution, 4x (four times) clearer with full HD.

  • Universal Guide.

Universal Guide offers you varieties of entertainment in just one sitting. You can find streaming content and live TV shows. You can even set up your own show list that consists of your favorite TV shows and films.

There are some additional applications to complete your entertainment here. You can use SmartThingsApp to control your TV from your phone. You can use SteamLinkApp to stream games. There is a remote control for regular surfing.

2. Vizio D D65-F1

Vizio D D65-F1 UHD TV

This is one of the Vizio D series that rocks the television market. For starters, the 65 inch screen will fit in nicely, whether on your entertainment center or cabinet. With $703.65, here are the features that you get to enjoy:

  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution.

Thanks to this feature, the high-end resolution it offers gives you bright, attractive pictures. They will be crystal-clear, but not hurting your eyes.

  • Spatial Scaling Engine.

Just like its name, this feature will help to upscale HD and full-HD content 4x (four times) better than conventional televisions do. That is what 4K means.

  • The Built-in, Google Chromecast.

If you are used to making the most of Google Chrome on your laptop or smartphone, you can do the same with Vizio D Series. This is what makes it one of the best 65 inch TV under 800 bucks.

With just that amount of price, you also get this search giant’s software built into it.

With Google Chromecast, you get to access many things, from games, applications, and many more. Since it is built-in, you no longer need to plug your TV set into another device. This home entertainment is efficient and practical.

1. 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

This is the best 65 inch TV under 800 bucks. With just $600, you will get:

  • Dimensions

Without the stand, this TV’s dimension is 57.2” x 32.8” x 2.8”. If with the stand, this TV’s dimension is 57.2” x 35.0” x 11.6”.

  • Smart functionality

This Smart LED TV has its smart functionality. This can get you to access thousands of streaming channels. With this, you get to watch over 500,000 movies and TV shows. This is truly a boredom killer if you get stuck at home for a few days or so. There are plenty of entertainment options for you.

  • 4K Ultra HD + Dolby Vision HDR

The $K Ultra HD offers the ability to present picture clarity four times (4x) better than conventional televisions. The Dolby Vision HDR offers you more details in pictures that regular TVs cannot do.

  • Edge LED Backlighting

This feature offers backlighting with contrast control that is dynamic and produces deep blacks. This enhances the quality of the picture, with 1.07 billion display colors and 3840 x 2160 panel resolution.

  • The inputs

The inputs include ethernet, optical audio out, headphone jack, composite, RF, 1 USB, 3 HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2.

So, these are only the top three (3) options for the best 65 inch TV under 800 bucks. There are still plenty of other options out there.

Which do you prefer best?

As usual, it depends on what you really need. Another factor is whether your budget is really enough for it.

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