404a Freezer Operating Pressures

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404a Freezer Operating Pressures

I just wanted to know what are normal pressures for freezers. Its 404 … Dont have the guagues for 404A. … speaking, the evap needs a solid column of liquid to the TXV as well as a properly operating TXV in order to do its job.
Pressure-Temp Chart. -40. -35 … 1.5. Refrigerant Reference Guide. 5th Edition 2010. 33. R-404A. Technical … THERMODYNAMIC PROPERTIES OF R-404A.
Usually depends on the temp of the conditioned space. Most freezers run about a minus 10 evap to get a 0 degree box. So look for a low side .
I adjust evap superheat to 4-6 degrees on typical walk in freezers, and like to see 20-40 at the compressor, and around 10 degree subcooling at inlet of metering device.
30 suction pressure is definitely a bit high. It should be running at 10-20psig (10 is ideal) on the suction side if working properly. And the high .
R134A runs at 0psi on the low side and 404A runs at 55psi. Doesn’t matter what machine you have, that’s the pressure they should be running .
like to know what the normal range of operating pressures would be for … I just punch up the refrigerant I’m working with and it automatically .
TEMPERATURE PRESSURE CHART – at sea level. To determine … REFRIGERANT (SPORLAN CODE). (°F). (°C). 134a (J) 404A (S) 507 (P). 717 (A) 744 – CO2.
18-20psig suction 250-270 psig discharge In freezers pressures are ok .I got it , but the mention .

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